Flying Frog Flow and Tutorial

The first time I saw a Flying Frog pose I actually thought it was a poorly done Crow pose. But, once I thought through the nuances of the posture, I could see it’s great benefit.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 3.20.50 PM

1. It’s an arm balance and arm balances build strength, endurance and confidence.

2. The hips are wide, like in frog on the mat. It’s an amazing stretch through the hips.

3. My shoulders are naturally tight and fight to surround my heart. It’s the result of old trauma and I have been doing a lot of work to create new space through my shoulders, back and chest. Arm balances are a great challenge for me in my shoulders and I’ve become really intentional about softening my heart forward in arm balances – flying frog is no different. Hearts open, holy yogis!

I’ve put Flying Frog into a little flow for you. It’s so important to see how each pose can connect to the next. If you’re filming or photographing your practice on Instagram – tag me! I want to celebrate with you! Come follow me at @stephaniemmoors.


New Way to Get Holy Yoga Class Downloads

Friends, I’ve loved sharing my classes with you in the shop. I love hearing how you are using them to grow your practice and draw near to God. It’s amazing knowing that we’re practicing together – even in different cities and homes. That’s how community expands. Starting in May the class downloads will ONLY beRead On….

Holy Yoga Flow, Lizard

Lizard pose! Oooooooh, holy yogis! I have a great love for lizard pose. It is deep and open and oh so challenging. 1. Come to a deep lunge and lower the back knee to the mat. Sink into your hips, pressing forward with the pelvis. 2. Bring your hands to the interior of the frontRead On….

Brooke, Yoga Session

How about a photo session post to spice up your Thursday? I know you know Brooke. She’s often my yoga model of choice, she’s walked holy roads with me and she’s the very humble founder of Holy Yoga. We did this session at DC Ranch in Scottsdale and I’m overly happy with how the imagesRead On….

‘The Response’ Holy Yoga Class Download

You guys. This was one of the most beautiful Live Worship classes I’ve ever taught. David Freeman is an amazing musical artist. He is also both a Holy Yoga practitioner and an advocate for recovering addicts. He brings such an authentic strength and beauty to every class he leads worship for. I’m seriously always soRead On….

Is Perspective Truth?

Perspective can be a beast, can’t it? What’s interesting is that the word ‘perspective’ has multiple meanings. It can be both our point of view or the art of drawing objects on a solid plane to give the correct impression of their height, depth and width. Either way – perspective is our brain’s attempt toRead On….

I Don’t Usually Photograph Weddings…

They’re just not my thing. I like GOING to weddings and I like SEEING the photos other photographers have taken, but I’m not a wedding photographer. I tend towards photography that allows for dirty feet, raw moments and broken people realizing they are strong and beautiful. That’s my niche. But one of my best friends,Read On….

The Give Life Challenge

I’ve been really asking The Lord to show me what makes life FREE. Ephesians 1 says that we’re not just barely free – we’re ABUNDANTLY free. Abundantly, friends. How often do you feel abundantly free?! Life is hard and circumstances are chaotic. I often tell myself that I don’t FEEL free because of the turmoilRead On….

The God of More

“One day Peter and John were going up to the temple at the time of prayer–at three in the afternoon. Now a man crippled from birth was being carried to the temple gate called Beautiful, where he was put every day to beg from those going into the temple courts.  When he saw Peter and John about to enter, he askedRead On….

Holy Yoga EBook

Ah! You guys! I am so excited to launch the FIRST eBook in a series of Holy Yoga Posture eBooks! This series will build on different types of postures – complete with images and directives. If you’re new to the practice of yoga, or even if you’ve been practicing for a long time and stillRead On….